Resources for Faculty

Event Co-Sponsorship

The Oakley Center will consider funding requests for campus events that are not held at the Center itself.  We can often help to fund the endeavors of individual faculty and staff, departments or programs, or faculty/staff groups on campus through event support. Generally our co-sponsorships for any one event are capped at $300. Please let us know through this form how we can help, and offer at least a preliminary budget for the event to help us determine where and how aid from the Oakley Center fits into your larger plan.

Please note that faculty and staff are also encouraged to share colloquium ideas with the Oakley Center through this form.

Manuscript/Large Project Review Program

The Oakley Center annually sponsors and organizes up to six one-day manuscript review sessions to provide specialized feedback to those faculty members in Divisions I and II who are preparing monographs or other similarly large academic works prior to submission for publication. Please note that this program is open to Williams faculty and visitors and review sessions are granted by application only. For full details and applications instructions, please read the program guidelines.

Micro Writing/Research Residency

The Oakley Center is pleased to announce a new program starting in the spring of 2023 and running through the summer: the Micro Writing/Research Residency. Space at the Center is available to faculty in Divisions I and Division II who are teaching and simultaneously attempting to advance a research project. A dedicated office can be reserved for short durations of 2-3 days or for longer spans or recurring periods depending on need and availability.  To request working space please fill out this form, noting that reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed by email from the Oakley Center. Our goal is to make this opportunity accessible to a pool of people, so the space will be apportioned as equitably as possible among requestors.

Research Seminars

To facilitate the thriving of diverse faculty/staff intellectual life and particularly the development of interdisciplinary conversations and projects, the Oakley Center sponsors research seminars each year that involve a semester- or year-long commitment to convene regularly (8-10 meetings total). These seminars can be imaginatively construed, but their goal is to help bring a broad and diverse array of faculty, staff, and/or community members into directed conversation around a particular theme, approach, topic, etc. Facilitators must be Williams faculty and staff, and faculty and/or staff members who apply may engage with scholarship or creative work around a particular subject, and/or share works-in-progress. The number of participants is capped at six (1 organizer plus up to 5 participants.) The Center is open to hybrid proposals that combine discussion with the circulation of research papers by participants. For full details and application instructions, please read the program guidelines.

Currently Sponsored Research Seminars

Beyond Biophilia

Indigeneities, Race, Gender, and Sexuality Initiative (IRGSI)

Powerful Fictions

Race and Difference in “Multicultural” Europe

Recently Sponsored Research Seminars