Throughout the year the Center sponsors numerous colloquia. Typically, a scholar, artist, performer, or critic conducts a discussion with Williams faculty and staff who have signed up to attend. Participants are often asked to read a short essay provided by the guest as background or as the focus for discussion. Colloquia give faculty and staff an opportunity for more intensive discussion with the guest than public lectures or other presentations usually afford, and they have come to play an important role in stimulating intellectual exchange at Williams.

Colloquium speakers may be invited by the Director of the Center or suggested to the Director by interested faculty. Note, however, that speakers whose work or talk is aimed solely at the members of one department are more suitable for department functions than for Center-sponsored colloquia. Speakers for Center colloquia should be figures of notable achievement whose work would be of significant interest to faculty in multiple departments and programs.

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The Oakley Center's mission supports the interdisciplinary work of Williams' faculty and staff. If there's an individual or small group you'd like to suggest bringing to the Oakley Center, do let us know by submitting this form.