Manuscript/Large Project Review: program guidelines

The Oakley Center invites applications, on a rolling basis, for the Manuscript/Large Project Review Program. This program facilitates specialized feedback to faculty preparing monographs or other similarly large academic works prior to submission for publication, distribution, etc. This program is open to Williams faculty in Divisions I and II who have manuscripts/large scholarly works that are near completion but still in need of some revisions and comments.

Once a scholar’s proposal has been accepted, the Oakley Center will organize a one-day seminar that includes one or two external specialists in the field as well as up to three Williams faculty, all suggested and invited by the manuscript author. *  The Oakley Center covers travel, lodging, and honoraria for the external reviewer(s). The purpose of the seminar is to allow the author and reviewers to engage in active dialogue about the work and to consider strategies for the work’s improvement and possible placement for publication/performance/distribution/etc. The review meeting is a non-public event, open only to those faculty specifically suggested by the author.

At this time, the Center’s resources allow for a limited number of review sessions per year and only one per faculty member in any given year. If demand is high, preference will be given to pre-tenure faculty. Since the Oakley Center’s mission is to support faculty research across the Humanities and Social Sciences with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary work, highest priority will be given to works that have a significant interdisciplinary component.

We welcome applications from faculty of any rank (including visiting faculty, postdoctoral and pre-doctoral fellows, etc.) who hold a full-time faculty position in Divisions I and II at the time of the application and review session. Beyond meeting fully its legal obligations for non-discrimination, the Oakley Center supports Williams College’s commitments to building a diverse, accessible, and inclusive community where members from all backgrounds can live, learn, and thrive. This aspiration is based on an understanding that diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are central facets of educational excellence.


To apply, please submit a letter, via email to the Oakley Center ([email protected]) or directly via email to the Director and Associate Director. The letter should contain the following:

  • a brief description of the work and its importance in the field;
  • current status of the work including,
    • information such as number of envisioned chapters, percentage completed, or other relevant information on the project’s proximity to completion;
    • publication/distribution/performance plans (what’s next?);
  • the names of up to four potential external reviewers including, their titles, locations, web links if possible, a ranking of preference for inviting these reviewers, and a brief explanation of why each person’s feedback is important to the project;
  • and the names of up to three faculty from Williams who may be invited to participate and a brief explanation of why.

Additional Information

The Director and Associate Director review applications and may seek further information and clarification, make recommendations about revision, etc, before providing a final decision about the application. If approved, the Associate Director will meet with the faculty member to review the process and begin planning. It is strongly recommended that the faculty member consult with the Associate Director on inviting one of the Williams faculty review participants to serve as a conversation facilitator. However, it is the responsibility of the author to invite all reviewers, and to copy and distribute the manuscript/work-in-progress to all reviewers and to the Oakley Center’s Associate Director no later than five weeks in advance of the review session date. While the author will send the manuscript/work-in-progress, any postage costs will be covered by the Center.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Director and/or Associate Director if you have any questions about this program before applying.


* Note: It is the responsibility of the author to invite all reviewers, and to copy and distribute the manuscript/project materials to all reviewers and to the Oakley Center no later than five weeks in advance of the seminar date. While the author will send the manuscript, postage costs will be covered by the Center.