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When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint Them

Provenance and Restitution: The AfricaMuseum (Belgium) and “Its” Objects

The Far Right Populist Wave

Movie Night: Dry Ground Burning

Why Weimar Matters Today: Reflections on Netflix Series Babylon Berlin

The Iconography of Devotion in Muslim South Asia

Printing in the Darkroom: the Creativity of an Intimate Practice

Colloquium with Nikhil Goyal

Colloquium with Zachary Wadsworth

Colloquium with Gulnur Mukazhanova

Movie Night: Hollywood

Colloquium with Janet Roitman

Colloquium with Padmini Chettur

Davis Lecture: Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn

Colloquium with Elidor Mëhilli

Movie Night: Nollywood

Colloquium with Nancy Ancrum

Colloquium with Hernan Diaz

Colloquium with kelli rae adams

Movie Night: Bollywood

Colloquium with Reinhard Kleist

Abortion Rights in the Deep South: Reflections on the Ongoing Struggle for Reproductive Justice

Zhuangzi and the Tragedy of Personal Freedom in Chinese History

Tactics at the Bakery

The Haitian Revolution and the Reinvention of Sociology

The MENA Question: Studying an Invisibilized Community thru Humanistic and Quantitative Approaches

The U.S. Supreme Court and the Impossibility of Religious Freedom

How Chisme Informs Communal Contributions


An Ontology of Betrayal*: A conversation on Politics, Theory, Antiblackness, Gender and Freedom: Frank B. Wilderson, III, Selamawit D. Terrefe, and Joy James

Apostles of Change

Feeding Fascism: The Politics of Women’s Food Work: Diana Garvin

Policing Black Women: The Urgency of Reproductive Justice: Dorothy E. Roberts

Post-Discipline: Literature, Professionalism, and the Crisis of the Humanities: Merve Emre

The Secretive Prisons that Keep Migrants out of Europe: Ian Urbina

Screenwriting from the Academy: Rebecca Connor & Paul Park

P@W: Disease, Activism and Student Life, Part 4 in the Pandemic Series

Corona Time: Temporalities of Race and Disease, Part 1 in the Pandemic Series

Corona Time: Isolation, Emergency and Surveillance, Part 2 in the Pandemic Series

Corona Time: Racism and Disease, Part 5 in the Pandemic Series

Corona Time: Racism and Disease, Part 5 in the Pandemic Series

P@W: A Semester in Pandemic, Part 7 in the Pandemic Series

Corona Time: Masks and Vaccines, Part 14 in the Pandemic Series

Corona Time: Global Health, Part 12 in the Pandemic Series

P@W: The Way Forward, Part 13 in the Pandemic Series

P@W: Pandemic Inequalities, Part 11 in the Pandemic Series

P@W: Pandemic Sciences, Part 9 in the Pandemic Series

Pandemic Series

Corona Time: Epidemic Empire, Part 8 in the Pandemic Series